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We provide Massachusetts mold testing services to Berkshire, Franklin, Hamden and Hampshire Counties.



Mold Testing


Think you have a mold problem? If so, then you probably do. Our certified Massachusetts mold testing specialists can help you find out for sure. Our professionals are all highly trained experts in industrial hygiene and in the fields of water mitigation and building science.

In sufficient quantities, mold spores present a health hazard to humans and animals. Most people are familiar with so-called “black mold” (Stachybotrys chartarum or Stachybotrys atra). The term toxic mold refers to molds that produce mycotoxins. Not all mold that look black is actually Stachybotrys, but the presence of any mold in an occupied home, apartment or office building is bad for human health and should be physically removed from the location.

Indoor air pollution (IAP) is one of the most serious environmental issues in the US. No one is immune to both short and long-term effects of indoor air contaminants. Sick Building Syndrome refers to a contaminated building where the occupants suffer from health problems due to poor indoor air quality. The exact types of illnesses vary, and are hard to pinpoint. There might be an increase in illnesses or respiratory problems, such as asthma.

According to the Mayo Clinic, 90% of all chronic sinus conditions are caused by exposure to mold.

We provide Massachusetts mold testing services to Berkshire, Franklin, Hamden and Hampshire Counties.

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  • Massachusetts mold testing and mildew tests
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Where can mold grow? Mold growth can appear hidden within walls, ceilings, floors, in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and the even within the ductwork of your heating and cooling equipment. Consider having a professional test for the presence of mold where:

  • There has been plumbing or water leaks, including roof and basement leaks, sewer backup issues, heating or air conditioning problems.
  • Where the inhabitants are of a particular risk group. This includes infants, the elderly, asthmatic or those suffering from respiratory problems.
  • Where there has been extensive water damage, and you need to know the extent of the damage for insurance purposes.

Suspect a mold problem in your basement, attic or walls? We provide mold testing and remedation services to the counties of Fairfield, Litchfield, Hartford and New Haven.

Put our experience to work for you! We can provide direct billing to your insurance company. Count on a written, fully transferable warranty on all jobs.

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